In Outer Space with Star Trek and Ke$ha

A hilarious mash-up that blends footage from classic Star Trek episodes with a pop song about with laugh-out-loud results. Enjoy.

What human civilization could look like in 2057

Dr. Michio Kaku os a well known physicist and futurist. Here he talks about what human civilization could look like in 2057.


Can Money Buy Happiness?

Well, can money buy happiness? Here's an illustrated inquiry.


Support from Across the World

Two young women demonstrate how mutual support does not have to be limited to proximity, culture, race, or even living on the same continent. The story of these two girls shows the power of support across all borders.


The Case for Optimism

Independent filmmaker Cleber Almeida wanted to help people realize that in order to make a change, one has to believe change is possible. He contrasts the pessimism of parents against the optimism of their kids.


A Brief Plug About B Corps

This very short segment shows you what B Corps are about and why they are so important.


An Introduction to Savings Groups

This brief 7-minute video explains how savings groups work worldwide.


The Surprising Science of Motivation

An illustrated guide to how motivation really works.


What Dogs Can Teach Us About Selflessness

This moving video shows how selflessness is not just a human attribute. This amazing footage shows one dog risking its life to carefully save another injured dog from the middle of a busy freeway,


How VOOZA Got Their Name

One company's comic search for the right name through hilariously wrong approaches. Our author Alexandra Watkins is even name-dropped in this skit (but unfortunately they don't ask for her help).


Meetings Hell

A brilliant SNL satire of a corporate meeting...


Playing with Money

A hilarious ad that highlights a very valid point -- who is playing with your money?


The Best Classroom Prank

A professor has a policy that if a student's cel phone rings in class, the student must take the call on speakerphone. So, the students decide to play a prank on him...


A Cool Idea

An 11-year old comes up with an interesting idea for a completely nonsensical product...still, it's a cool idea...

The Two-Minute Strategy Lesson

Michael Porter is one of the best known strategic thinkers alive, and in this two-minute clip, he explains what strategy is and the number one mistake people make when thinking about strategy.


Poverty, Illiteracy, and Ignorance

Bill Maher sent our author Alexandra Pelosi down to the state of Mississippi -- the poorest state in the US and also the most conservative -- to try and see whether there is a connection between the two. The results are as humorous as they are disturbing.


Like A Boss

A hilarious parody of doing and being "like a boss." Warning: This video is hilarious but contains some edgy language and imagery. If there are any children in the vicinity, please blindfold them and duct tape their ears.


Michael Bay's Teleprompter Fails

Michael Bay is a celebrated Hollywood producer and director responsible for some of the biggest blockbusters in the world, but sadly, all his work with actors hasn't really taught him much about the art itself. During this major presentation at CES -- the largest electronic show in the world -- Bay seemed to be doing just fine until he starts stumbling over his words. He then lets the audience know that his teleprompter is broken and that he's just going to "wing it." And if he had, it would have been a great victory, but unfortunately, he continues to stumble and finally does the worst thing possible and walks off stage.


Smile, the NSA is Watching You. No, Really, They Are...

A comic take on the NSA and its spying on the citizenry.


The Pay-It-Forward Social Lab

Social labs work on the principle of prototyping certain initiatives and seeing them work on a smaller scale prior to replicating them on a larger one. The idea of "paying it forward" is an example of sorts of this process because it, too, tests smaller initiatives in close confines but then is found successful and then replicated across a larger population. The result is a cycle of change and progress that launches a movement. This advertisement catches that spirit perfectly.


Sh*t Nonprofit/NGO People Say

If you have friends or colleagues who work in nonprofits, these will surely be familiar to them. If you work for a nonprofit, you probably use this sort of language all the time.


Mr. Romney's Neighborhood

When he was running for President, Mitt Romney's statement about possibly cutting funding for PBS upset a few people. Late Night Show host Jimmy Fallon decide to poke a little fun at him using the popular Mr. Rogers format of describing the people in his community. And it is hilarious.


A Strategic Blunder

Passwords are such a prevalent part of our security strategies nowadays that it's hard to imagine times when that security was so lax. In this clip, we astoundingly learn that until the late 1970s, the launch codes for US nuclear weapons were still set to be all zeros.


Epid Kidnapping

Kidnapping is no joke, but this one media channel that specializes in pranks decided to turn the tables a bit to see what would happen if a group of kids kidnapped an old man in broad daylight. The reactions of the unwitting observers are what's most telling here -- they're not sure whether this is serious or not or whether they should laugh or be concerned.