Mr. Romney's Neighborhood

When he was running for President, Mitt Romney's statement about possibly cutting funding for PBS upset a few people. Late Night Show host Jimmy Fallon decide to poke a little fun at him using the popular Mr. Rogers format of describing the people in his community. And it is hilarious.


A Strategic Blunder

Passwords are such a prevalent part of our security strategies nowadays that it's hard to imagine times when that security was so lax. In this clip, we astoundingly learn that until the late 1970s, the launch codes for US nuclear weapons were still set to be all zeros.


Epid Kidnapping

Kidnapping is no joke, but this one media channel that specializes in pranks decided to turn the tables a bit to see what would happen if a group of kids kidnapped an old man in broad daylight. The reactions of the unwitting observers are what's most telling here -- they're not sure whether this is serious or not or whether they should laugh or be concerned.