What You Get for Complaining about Ben & Jerry's

Most companies don't do much with complaints, or at the most, issue a pathetic discount coupon and send people on their way. Ben & Jerry's, on the other hand, does something quite extraordinary.



Here in its entirety is the award-winning PBS documentary that launched the book and the movement. At first, you may feel that this film is a bit outdated, but watch for long enough, and it becomes quite evident that the movie was in fact way ahead of his time.

Robot Can Follow the Leader

Following someone may seem like an easy task for us, but imagine programming a robot to do it -- over rough terrain. This is the DARPA LS3, which almost looks like a creature from some sci-fi movie, and it can follow the leader.


The Real da Vinci Code

While The de Vinci Code novel posited a theory that was almost entirely a work of fiction, this documentary examines what if any hidden symbols and ideas can actually be found in the master's works.

This is the full length Discovery Channel documentary. Enjoy.


Substitute Teacher

The comedy duo of Key and Peele like playing with stereotypes and reversing common scenarios. One (incredibly tired) stereotype is of the new teacher from a sheltered background who goes to teach at a tough inner-city school and the cultural challenges that he or she has to contend with, so the duo decided to flip the scenario with hilarious results.


Rhythm in Chaos

Roadside restaurants in India are crowded and chaotic -- especially when the kitchen is located among the tables and crowds of people, but as this short video shows, even in the midst of chaos, there is order and rhythm as one cook preps dough into flat pancakes and passes the to the second cook who throws them into the fryer.


The Poor Are Not So Poor

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at a Heritage Foundation report that debates whether there are as many impoverished Americans as other claim there are.


Chad Vader, Manager

The tremendously successful Chad Vader web series portrays the daily trials and challenges of a young Darth Vader as he struggles to manage and help run a grocery store.

Surfing and Theory U

Using the metaphor of surfing to explain how Theory U works definitely helps drive the concept home. Enjoy.

A Celebrity Impersonating Other Celebrities

There are plenty of celebrity impersonators out there but you rarely find a celebrity who can impersonate other celebrities so accurately as Kevin Spacey does. In this short clip from his appearance on The Actors Studio, Spacey demonstrates his range beautifully.


That %$#@ Paperclip

Users of older versions of Microsoft Word know about the annoying paperclip character that would pop up and bother you incessantly. The paperclip character was created to help users work efficiently but it became just the opposite as many users found they couldn't rid themselves of the character long enough to get any work done as it repeatedly kept popping up. This is a parody of that character in the real world.


How Comedy Influences Politics and Thinking

Late night comedy shows -- especially those with a news-show parody approach -- are more than just entertainment. Research shows that while people do consider such programming to be entertainment, they are still influenced by them and will often rethink things based on what they see and hear on these comedy shows.


Greatest Stunts

This is a collection of some of the greatest stunts as performed by people who use no props or equipment other than their own bodies and random buildings. All the jumps, vaults, and tricks you see here are entirely self-generated (like most acts of greatness).

On Being Latino...

Entertainer Gabriel Eglesias talks about Latino culture and being Latino in America using the trademark comedic style that has won him fans of all backgrounds.

Yoga World Championship

It's odd to think that there is an annual Yoga World Championship -- how do they even judge competitors? Well, they do it like this:


Louder Than Silence

"Silent Library" is a popular Japanese television game show where participants have to do whatever they can to remain as silent as possible. This becomes increasingly difficult as different participants are forced to do all sorts of silly or odd things to themselves and others but everyone must remain silent because to break silence means to be ejected from the game. See if you can control yourself after the first two rounds.

And in true oddball Japanese game show style, it all wraps up with some random karaoke.


The Paper Airplane

The winner of the 2013 Oscar for Best Animated Short proves that the most mundane and ordinary can be the most magical.


Weak Leg, Strong Father

Derek Redmond was highly favored to win in the 400m at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. He already held the British record as well as many European ones. Unfortunately, midway through the race, his right hamstring gave out. In severe pain and agony, Redmond was still determined to finish the race and hobbled along. Redmond's father, seeing the immense pain his son was in, rushed on to the track and despite the warnings of officials, helped to support his son so that he could cross the finish line. The weakness that had broken Redmond had also helped  the world see the strength and depth of a father's love for his son.


Revolution OS

Revolution OS is an award-winning documentary that traces the origins and growth of open-source software and applications. The governing principle behind this sort of software is that everyone should have free access to an effective and useful operating system that is not owned by anyone and is continually developed by volunteers globally.

This is the full documentary which runs almost one and a half hours, but be assured, it is excellent and inspiring.


Precision Teamwork

This is a short clip from a construction site in Mali. Unlike many western companies, construction teams in developing countries don't always have access to high-end machinery and tools, but what they lack in that area they make up with synchronized, precise teamwork.


Tiggy the Speaking Cat

So she says "Hello" over and over, so what? She's still damned adorable!


Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

What leadership lessons can we learn from a rather odd man dancing in a very odd way? Quite a lot, apparently.