That %$#@ Paperclip

Users of older versions of Microsoft Word know about the annoying paperclip character that would pop up and bother you incessantly. The paperclip character was created to help users work efficiently but it became just the opposite as many users found they couldn't rid themselves of the character long enough to get any work done as it repeatedly kept popping up. This is a parody of that character in the real world.


How Comedy Influences Politics and Thinking

Late night comedy shows -- especially those with a news-show parody approach -- are more than just entertainment. Research shows that while people do consider such programming to be entertainment, they are still influenced by them and will often rethink things based on what they see and hear on these comedy shows.


Greatest Stunts

This is a collection of some of the greatest stunts as performed by people who use no props or equipment other than their own bodies and random buildings. All the jumps, vaults, and tricks you see here are entirely self-generated (like most acts of greatness).