When Self-Deception Goes Too Far

Normally we'd like to be understanding of people who are a tad bit delusional about their talents, but now and then someone comes along who is so unapologetically convinced of their own sheer brilliance that there's no nice way to tell them the truth. Here's one cringe-worthy example:


Standing Up to Hierarchy -- June 5, 1989

This footage from the Tiananmen Square demonstrations shows a single protester, armed with nothing but white flags, standing in the line of tanks coming to disperse the crowds. When the tanks attempt to maneuver around him, he moves to block their path. The image spread across the globe and brought international attention to Chinese government's actions. To this day, no one knows his identity or anything about him nor what became of him, but he remains an international symbol of the courage to stand up to those in power for what he believed was just and right.

The footage below is from the Chinese television networks. Even if you don't speak the language, just try not to be moved by this segment.


The Opposite of Resolution

Here's one way to make sure your issues and differences don't get resolved -- start a fight on live television!


Sometimes You Don't Want to Tell the Kids To Keep It Down

Imagine if his parents didn't let him play on his drum set? No one would have guessed that at the age of SEVEN he would be pulling off professional and polished drum solos with The Tonight Show band.


If He Can See It, Why Can't We?

Dhia Al-Mussawi is an Arab-Islamic scholar with impeccable credentials. You'll be surprised at his thoughts on women in leadership.


I'm Mad as Hell!

In one of the most unforgettable scenes in the history of cinema, Peter Finch (playing the role of TV anchorman Howard Beale) in the film Network (1976) laments the state of the nation on live television. His disgust with our complacency and willingness to compromise spurs him to scream one of the best-known lines in film history and a statement against quietly compromising our values.


That's A Clever Approach...

Effectively focusing your employee on what you need done...

A Group Send-Off to the King of Pop

Synchronizing movement and dance for just a group of five is demanding enough, but to assemble a dancing flash mob consisting of hundreds of dancers, all keeping perfect time and working together perfectly -- now that's a testament to the power of group dynamics...


A Leader Speaks Against Progress

Most leaders inspire, but this one advises his employees against progress.

But Can He Manage When Not at the Death Star?

He Walks the Streets of Cincinnati


Lost in Translation

Somehow the seriousness of the situation is lost in translation...


...It's How They Want It, Isn't It?

A short but powerful piece about how the working poor are portrayed on television and how that negatively impacts their chances at economic security. Control over images remains the greatest power there is.


Funny, Yet Sad

Jay Leno recaps the best of his "Jay Walk" episodes where average citizens are asked elementary school-level civics and geography questions which they fail miserably at answering. Like the title says, it's funny, but sad.


Just Because You're Not There It Doesn't Mean They Can't See You

The problem with a lot of virtual meetings is that people don't often recognize that technology sometimes has a mind of its own. Technology isn't always working when you think it's working, but sometimes technology is working when you think (and hope) it isn't -- as this young lady found out the hard way.


A Little Compassion Makes All the Difference

The Charter for Compassion has an incredibly simple and yet incredibly challenging mission. Learn about it.

A Little Confidence Is a Dangerous Thing

Elaine's notorious dance scene remains one of the most legendary scenarios from Seinfeld, and a prime example of why, sometimes, it's better to be a little meek.


What Does A Teacher Make?

More than you think, and we don't mean money either...


The Urge to Help

In times of great tragedy, we come together and force ourselves to help others. We feel such an urge to give of ourselves that we will go begging to be of use wherever assistance is needed. We are all stewards at heart, as this video shot in the days following 9/11 proves.


General Intergalactic Silliness

This short film was made by LucasFilms as a comic parody of the Cops television reality show series as seen through the popular Star Wars film franchise. It is considered a masterpiece mini-mockumentary.


A Fierce Conversation

Despite being challenged by Bill O'Reilly, this young man held his own and has become a YouTube star with millions of views. Watch him take on the man himself.


Smart and Speedy Wins the Race

The quickest Wheel of Fortune segment in history...the other players didn't even get a chance!


Sponsor an Executive

How would you like to help and take care of a bankrupt executive for just thousands a day?


More Powerful Twenty-Two Years Later

Michael Douglas' seminal speech from the 1987 movie Wall Street gave breath to the mantra "Greed is good." If you thought it was a powerful film moment then, watch those three and a half minutes again now and witness how eerily prescient they were. Over two decades after the film was released, this scene has only become more disturbing.