The Future of Augmented Reality

As this video shows, the future promised by augmented reality and the immersive spaces it creates is truly amazing.

Jimmy Dean Customer Complaint That Boosted Profits

[WARNING: This recording includes R-rated language. Please move your children away from the monitor]

Even though it is not actually a video in the traditional sense, this customer hotline recording from Jimmy Dean (the sausage and food manufacturer) has been viewed and heard more than 2 million times. The recording is at times insightful and revealing of the complainer's home life but mostly just hilarious (perhaps unintentionally so). This complaint video actually boosted Jimmy Dean's sales after listeners, presumably after hearing of the man's lifelong loyalty to the product and his deep resentment over the new packaging, went out and purchased Jimmy Dean sausages to see what the fuss was all about.


The World's Most Talented Man

Advertised everywhere as the, yes, THE MOST TALENTED MAN IN THE WORLD, this young fellow (who is actually a Shaolin monk or was trained as one) does have a whole range of skills.


A Human Saint

A lot of controversy has been stirred by the recent publication of several of Mother Teresa's personal letters where she confesses to a lack of faith and conviction in her work and her belief in God. The letters were actually published by a priest who is spearheading Mother Teresa's canonization as a saint. However, atheists have also seized upon these letters to prove their argument that the greatest good can be done by those who do not have faith in god and that religion does not dictate morality or ethics.

While reports like this one stay reasonably balanced, they all miss a crucial fact: Mother Teresa was not who she was because of or in spite of her faith. She was who she was because of her actions and her commitment despite her doubts.