If He Can See It, Why Can't We?

Dhia Al-Mussawi is an Arab-Islamic scholar with impeccable credentials. You'll be surprised at his thoughts on women in leadership.


I'm Mad as Hell!

In one of the most unforgettable scenes in the history of cinema, Peter Finch (playing the role of TV anchorman Howard Beale) in the film Network (1976) laments the state of the nation on live television. His disgust with our complacency and willingness to compromise spurs him to scream one of the best-known lines in film history and a statement against quietly compromising our values.


That's A Clever Approach...

Effectively focusing your employee on what you need done...

A Group Send-Off to the King of Pop

Synchronizing movement and dance for just a group of five is demanding enough, but to assemble a dancing flash mob consisting of hundreds of dancers, all keeping perfect time and working together perfectly -- now that's a testament to the power of group dynamics...