Secret of Levitation Revealed

Just like Otto Scharmer says, finding your blind spot is crucial to a breakthrough. But magicians have been using our blind spots for centuries for some seemingly convincing illusions, including levitation. See the video below and see how it's done.


An Expensive Lesson on the Value of Moderation

Don't let this be you at the office party...


Nature's Perfect Mimic

David Attenborough introduces us to the most amazing mimic found in nature. It is a dreadful irony that near the very end of this clip, the bird mimics the things that will ultimately bring about its own demise.


When CSR Branding Goes Bad

Branding coal as "sexy" was not really the brightest move GE made. No wonder this ad got yanked off the airwaves quickly.

Apparently Even God Isn't Worth More Than Money


Could You?

Cel phone salesman Paul Potts is shy, lacks confidence, and has no professional musical training. Yet he's willing to go on national television in front of some of the nastiest judges...and sing opera. This is a testament to the triumph of courage over fear.


Why the Conversation Doesn't Work for Customers and Consumers...

What if consumers and corporations could have authentic conversations?

Role Reversal

An interesting twist on a common theme...

Yes, I am Running for President!

Watch your back, Barack!

Oh alright, you can fool your friends too - just click here to get started.

Dancing in a War Zone

This video was made by British troops stationed in Iraq for their friends and families (read the news story if you don't believe me). Within days of sending, it had spread virally to so many people that the sheer volume of people trying to access it crashed the military server.

Expertly choreographed (so much so that most questioned its authenticity), this video shows us that even in the middle of a war zone, people are capable of collaborating and producing something of great creativity, humor, and spirit.

When Leadership Plays Practical Jokes

Leaders should have a good sense of humor, but sometimes they can get a bit annoying

To watch a Darth Vader leadership gangster-rap video, click HERE, but be warned that the language is R-rated.


But I Have an MBA!

The classic commercial that worked on so many levels...


Never Underestimate...

The power of a woman, no matter how old and feeble...

Try Again?

Hopefully these journalists got it right the second (or third) time around...


Body Language - Part 5

Watch it all the way through -- it's hilarious!


Community Pranks

Getting a big group of people involved is not just good for community, but for comedy too!


Fighting Global Disease and Poverty for All the Wrong Reasons

Sometimes aid and relief actions are less about helping others and more about helping yourself. You have to let it play for two minutes before the hilarious kicker.