A Different Brand

While the majority of beer advertisements in the U.S. tend to focus on men and favor the stereotypical promise of enhanced attractiveness to women and greater virility, Heineken has established itself as a popular brand despite being an import in a market dominated by domestics. One way they do this is by branding themselves differently and with a sense of humor. Let the frat boys drink Budweiser, Heineken is for self-deprecating sophisticates with a sense of humor, as these advertisements demonstrate.


Regrets, I've Had A Few...

A creative new video by Chris Blake explores the results he found when he googled the words "biggest regret." All of these are true statements, some sad, some meaningful, and some silly. All of these are by real people including some celebrities, some semi-famous people, and a lot of anonymous or random individuals.


You Will...

Many of you may remember AT & T's television advertisements from the mid-90s which promised incredible technological marvels that seemed near impossible at the time. Have a look at those advertisements again below. In less than just 15 years, we have not just reached the future, but in many cases we have exceeded it.