Standing Up to Hierarchy -- June 5, 1989

This footage from the Tiananmen Square demonstrations shows a single protester, armed with nothing but white flags, standing in the line of tanks coming to disperse the crowds. When the tanks attempt to maneuver around him, he moves to block their path. The image spread across the globe and brought international attention to Chinese government's actions. To this day, no one knows his identity or anything about him nor what became of him, but he remains an international symbol of the courage to stand up to those in power for what he believed was just and right.

The footage below is from the Chinese television networks. Even if you don't speak the language, just try not to be moved by this segment.


The Opposite of Resolution

Here's one way to make sure your issues and differences don't get resolved -- start a fight on live television!


Sometimes You Don't Want to Tell the Kids To Keep It Down

Imagine if his parents didn't let him play on his drum set? No one would have guessed that at the age of SEVEN he would be pulling off professional and polished drum solos with The Tonight Show band.