The Corporate Person

This short excerpt from the groundbreaking documentary "The Corporation" focuses on how corporate personhood is dangerous, not just because of wealth and influence, but because a corporation has no limitations or ethics and is even encouraged, by law, to focus on profit above all else.


Step Up!

The video is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of how people often wait for others to take care of matters or fix things when the solution is so simple that they could do it themselves.

Stepping up is not always easy, but this video shows how we are so used to always thinking in terms of things being "someone else's problem" that we often seem helpless in even the simplest of situations.

As is the case in this video, sometimes, you just have to step up by yourself.


Popcorn popping in China

A very efficient way to pop a lot of popcorn in a very short time.


A simple Example

Teamwork -- there's no simpler way to explain it than with this.