Elizabeth Warren Spoof

Elizabeth Warren quickly came to the forefront of the Occupy Wall Street Movement debates with her unflinching support for the 99%. This video, a spoof of her television spot when running for senate, pokes fun at her firm political stances without crossing the line (well, not too much anyway).


40 Leadership Speeches in 2 Minutes

Hollywood's take on the inspirational leadership speech is almost comic and yet it keeps churning them out. One industrious individual decided to splice inspirational speeches from forty different films to create a single speech. Interestingly enough, the result is not half bad!


Greater Goal Gone Wrong

Comedian and business speaker Geoff Burch on an inspiring employee who saw the greater goal, but unfortunately not the right goal.

The Corporate Person

This short excerpt from the groundbreaking documentary "The Corporation" focuses on how corporate personhood is dangerous, not just because of wealth and influence, but because a corporation has no limitations or ethics and is even encouraged, by law, to focus on profit above all else.


Step Up!

The video is a tongue-in-cheek depiction of how people often wait for others to take care of matters or fix things when the solution is so simple that they could do it themselves.

Stepping up is not always easy, but this video shows how we are so used to always thinking in terms of things being "someone else's problem" that we often seem helpless in even the simplest of situations.

As is the case in this video, sometimes, you just have to step up by yourself.


Popcorn popping in China

A very efficient way to pop a lot of popcorn in a very short time.


A simple Example

Teamwork -- there's no simpler way to explain it than with this.


The Source of the Interview

And now we trace the origins of the modern job interview.


Diversity is Our Strength

While this training video honestly does try its best to teach Chicago police officers about diversity, most of the "tips" imparted are so ridiculous (or obvious) that they are comically offensive.


Seeing with Sound

Though the idea of using sound to sense environments is not new, this young man is able to identify elements with alarming accuracy with little more than the clicking sounds he makes with his mouth.


A Wacky Candidate

This is a real political speech and not a parody. He is named Toyama Koichi and he ran for the position of Prefectual Governer of Tokyo (sort of like a mayor). Every political candidate is given equal airtime in Japan to explain their platform, and the TV stations cannot edit any footage but are also not responsible for the content. Even though this man is of questionable sanity, over 15,000 people voted for him.

Thankfully, he did not win.


Sheer Intimidation Through Voice and Presence

Ben Kingsley's character (Don Logan) in the highly-acclaimed film "Sexy Beast" best demonstrates how voice and mannerisms convey incredible intimidation at one juncture and quiet coercion just minutes later. He may be all of 5 feet and 8 inches and weigh in at about 150 pounds, but would you mess with this man?


God Wants You to Be Rich!

This video playfully mocks the theme of prosperity as something that God wants for his followers in a material sense (as argued by many televangelists today).


Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

A tongue-in-cheek yet entirely plausible narration of how leaders attract and maintain followers and movements -- all courtesy of some random guy with poor dancing skills.


The Scary Maze Game

It's a well-known internet phenomenon: the scary maze game. The video below shows the reaction of an unwitting player (this video has been seen over 33 million times).

If you actually want to play the game, you can do so here.[ WARNING: The video below is fine to watch, but if you have a weak heart, you DO NOT want to play the game.]


Bad Companies

The popular movie site Rotten Tomatoes lists it's top five most evil (fictitious) corporations from the movies.


The Future of Augmented Reality

As this video shows, the future promised by augmented reality and the immersive spaces it creates is truly amazing.

Jimmy Dean Customer Complaint That Boosted Profits

[WARNING: This recording includes R-rated language. Please move your children away from the monitor]

Even though it is not actually a video in the traditional sense, this customer hotline recording from Jimmy Dean (the sausage and food manufacturer) has been viewed and heard more than 2 million times. The recording is at times insightful and revealing of the complainer's home life but mostly just hilarious (perhaps unintentionally so). This complaint video actually boosted Jimmy Dean's sales after listeners, presumably after hearing of the man's lifelong loyalty to the product and his deep resentment over the new packaging, went out and purchased Jimmy Dean sausages to see what the fuss was all about.


The World's Most Talented Man

Advertised everywhere as the, yes, THE MOST TALENTED MAN IN THE WORLD, this young fellow (who is actually a Shaolin monk or was trained as one) does have a whole range of skills.


A Human Saint

A lot of controversy has been stirred by the recent publication of several of Mother Teresa's personal letters where she confesses to a lack of faith and conviction in her work and her belief in God. The letters were actually published by a priest who is spearheading Mother Teresa's canonization as a saint. However, atheists have also seized upon these letters to prove their argument that the greatest good can be done by those who do not have faith in god and that religion does not dictate morality or ethics.

While reports like this one stay reasonably balanced, they all miss a crucial fact: Mother Teresa was not who she was because of or in spite of her faith. She was who she was because of her actions and her commitment despite her doubts.


A Letter to Richard Branson

One customer decided to write to Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin empire, about the horrible experience that he had on a Virgin Atlantic flight. The letter then became a video and soon thereafter, a viral phenomenon. It's easy to see why -- it's hilarious!Virgin airlines, being the good sports that they are, now use this video in their training programs.


How to Walk Out (From Being In)

This brief clip from the movie "Smoke Signals" (based on a story by Sherman Alexie) explores an interesting phenomenon: what happens when two American Indians from an isolated community reservation decide to walk out and into the mainstream world? Well, the journey starts with a lot of interesting misconceptions like the ones discussed in this short clip by Victor Joseph and Thomas Builds-A-Fire.


A Useful Speech

Most people can't recall their college commencement speaker's speech -- and with good reason. Commencement speeches tend to be rather uninspiring and impractical. Inevitably there is some discussion of the harsh world the graduates are entering and how they are equipped now to really make some changes and so should use their knowledge for the betterment of blah, blah, blah...

Then there are those monumental speeches like this one that Apple CEO Steve Jobs (who never graduated from college) gave at Stanford University in 2005. Most people don't remember the commencement speech from their graduation, but almost everyone who has seen this speech remembers it vividly because Jobs used the power of story and his personal life to give some real advice.


Leadership and Herding Cats

Herding cats is a common metaphor used to describe the challenge of leading and managing a difficult group or process. This advertisement uses the metaphor in a hilarious way.

Healing...the Indigenous Way

Noted Canadian Indian Actor Graham Greene spoofs the culture around "indigenous healing" as adopted by others for exploitation and profit.


The Greatest Soccer Game in Philosophical History

Perhaps one of the best Monty Python sketches ever and definitely one that cements their position as the clown princes of the intellectual set, this historically fictitious soccer game between the ancient Greek and modern German philosophers is a fine example of how history can be danged funny.


Teacher Predicts the Future

Keith Olberman talks about his brilliant high school teacher as a man who had a solid vision of what the future would hold and could predict which people would have the greatest impact on society. He designed a program that would allow him to bring such people (who were at that time almost unknown) into the school to speak to the students. Olberman talks about one such insightful prediction.


Greenwashing Done Right

A mock ad that pokes fun at several attempts by different corporations to try and appear environmentally conscious through more manipulative rather than sincere means.

Can You Do This?

An impressive task -- rhyming all fifty states of the United States within 35 seconds. Most of us can't even remember all fifty.