Watch Them Go

Career Builder has a reputation for clever, funny advertisements that appeal to those who feel stuck in their jobs, or worse yet, working for bunch of maniacal chimps. Don't discover too late that you're one of those chimps.


One Week of Never-Ending Sun

What's it like to have a whole week of sunlight as they do at the poles? This creative video loop gives some idea.


Annoying Things That Managers Say

God knows they love their lingo!

If I Wanted America to Fail

A stunning (and, let's admit it, pretty convincing if you didn't know the facts) viral video by Free Market America that was timed to be released during Earth Day 2012 attacks sustainability initiatives as stifling growth through over-regulation. If you find yourself being swayed by the arguments in this video, be sure to read Noel Schutt's excellent rebuttal to it.


That Magic Touch

Only Cabin staff have that mysterious ability to secure an overhead compartment with no strain or problems.