Creative Organizing Against Wendy's Hamburgers

Sometimes a demonstration is a creative way to have some fun -- like these people did when they demonstrated against the Wendy's Hamburgers logo. The group felt that the logo (actually a cartoon of the founder's daughter) portrayed red-heads as melanin-challenged, hideously freckled, pig-tailed caricatures.


Medieval Political Organizing

Monty Python puts the socio-political activist spin in their trademark hilarious manner in this clip from Monty Python's The Holy Grail:


The One-Sentence Leadership Lesson

The movie "Remember the Titans" didn't garner too many awards despite its all-star cast and inspiring message. Some blame the syrupy-sweet Hollywood-ization of the message that led to the film being more after-school-special than blockbuster. Regardless, this short excerpt has been viewed millions of times for its brilliant writing and powerful message that defines what leadership is. Simply put: the quality of your leadership is found not in your own behavior, but in that of your followers.


Once You Say "I Love You..."

It's never the same...


When You Become the Enemy

The tragic realization of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis best illustrates the powerful idea behind Arbinger's Leadership and Self-Deception.