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Against All Odds

While most 14-year-old girls spent their Saturday night hanging with friends at the movies, or attending a sleepover, X Games snowboarder, Chloe Kim, was performing a switch-backside 720 into a McTwist then into a frontside 900 at an arena in Aspen, Colorado. Despite chipping a tooth and suffering some scrapes from landing on her face during a practice run, Chloe became the youngest ever gold medalist in X Games history.

The 14-year-old La Palma, California native first got on a snowboard at age four and has never looked back. Last year she earned distinction as the youngest World Snowboard Tour overall champion ever in 2014. And in January this year, she added another feather to her cap with a gold medal win in the Women's Snowboard SuperPipe final at X Games Aspen 2015.