Revolution OS

Revolution OS is an award-winning documentary that traces the origins and growth of open-source software and applications. The governing principle behind this sort of software is that everyone should have free access to an effective and useful operating system that is not owned by anyone and is continually developed by volunteers globally.

This is the full documentary which runs almost one and a half hours, but be assured, it is excellent and inspiring.


Precision Teamwork

This is a short clip from a construction site in Mali. Unlike many western companies, construction teams in developing countries don't always have access to high-end machinery and tools, but what they lack in that area they make up with synchronized, precise teamwork.


Tiggy the Speaking Cat

So she says "Hello" over and over, so what? She's still damned adorable!


Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy

What leadership lessons can we learn from a rather odd man dancing in a very odd way? Quite a lot, apparently.