The Greatest Soccer Game in Philosophical History

Perhaps one of the best Monty Python sketches ever and definitely one that cements their position as the clown princes of the intellectual set, this historically fictitious soccer game between the ancient Greek and modern German philosophers is a fine example of how history can be danged funny.


Teacher Predicts the Future

Keith Olberman talks about his brilliant high school teacher as a man who had a solid vision of what the future would hold and could predict which people would have the greatest impact on society. He designed a program that would allow him to bring such people (who were at that time almost unknown) into the school to speak to the students. Olberman talks about one such insightful prediction.


Greenwashing Done Right

A mock ad that pokes fun at several attempts by different corporations to try and appear environmentally conscious through more manipulative rather than sincere means.

Can You Do This?

An impressive task -- rhyming all fifty states of the United States within 35 seconds. Most of us can't even remember all fifty.